Listen up kids!  Before Stylis' and before we used our finger to sign our name, pens used ink.  Go back even farther, people used a primitive form of a stylus like a feather that was dipped into ink.  

This antique inkwell is in excellent condition for its age and makes for a great addition to your writer's desk.

Antique Glass Inkwell

SKU: AQ50001
$25.00 Regular Price
$16.25Sale Price
  • This item is antique, but is in excellent condition, and comes exactly as pictured.

  • All sales are final.  We hope you understand that every item we have in stock is secondhand, and comes with the normal wear and tear you would find while shopping at a normal thrift store or secondhand shop, and some items may not have all the parts that it would have when purchased brand new.

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