Thrift & Threads In-Store Pickup Option
for our local and nearby customers:

Remember these Guidelines when receiving your order:


  • Please Allow up to One Full Business Day to put your order together.  Orders placed after 4pm or on weekends/holidays may not be processed until the next business day.

  • After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email.  This email means we have Received your Order and will begin Processing it.

  • After your order has been received by our staff and all items have been assembled, we will send a Second Email, letting you know that your order is ready.

  • If you arrive before receiving the Ready for Pickup Email, your order may not be ready.

  • If your order is not picked up after 2 Business Days, we will contact you by email to follow up on your order.  If we receive no response within 24 hours, we will issue a full refund and relist the items in your order.  We won't jump the gun and refund/restock without reaching out to you first, so don't worry, we are pretty understanding here.


Thank you for being a loyal customer and supporting our mission with your purchase as we make improvements and grow!

Happy Thrifting! :D

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